The energy transition is a particular challenge for energy-intensive businesses. Gas, electricity, steam, compressed air, and water result from the production of high-quality products in the Emsland Group plants. In order to reduce energy costs and conserve resources, the energy management group was created in 2006. From the beginning, the main objective of the Group was energy savings.


With audited energy management according to ISO 50001: 2011 the Emsland Group took an additional step towards fulfilling ambitious energy targets. The basis is an extensive database that automatically collects, processes, and presents consumption data from all levels. The system is continuously expanded.


In addition, heat recovery is used in various flash dryers with the aim of reducing the primary energy (natural gas and steam) used. Thus, heat sources are used that are available for preheating the dryer. This too creates a significant savings potential.


Project Energy Scouts

The issue of energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important to the Emsland Group. What is needed are creative projects that lead to greater energy efficiency. So in addition to the energy management team, trainees were also charged with the “Energy Scouts” project. The Energy Scouts help within the scope of project work as well as staff training and sensitization to improve the energy efficiency of their business.


All of our employees at the Emsland Group are personally committed to energy requirements.