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Sustainability is an issue that has a very high priority at the Emsland Group. This aspect is firmly anchored in sustainable development along the entire value chain. It first starts in the field with our contract farmers. This way, we know exactly where the farmers' lands are, which potato varieties are planted and also such things as what fertilizers are used. In addition, the farmers are obliged to deliver homogenous, healthy, commercially common, non-genetically modified processing potatoes without the use of sewage sludge.


Together, issues such as water conservation, CO2 reduction and the use of legally approved resources are processed and brought forward.


In the spirit of our corporate philosophy, 'using nature to create'.


With the new flake factory in Emlichheim, the Emsland Group has given producers an important alternative for delivering processed potatoes.


To become more environmentally friendly and social – and at the same time to work as economically as possible so that the Emsland Group will remain an employer to future generations: these are the ongoing goals of the Group.


Total Quality Management as the foundation

The foundation of our resource-conscious behavior is the Group's Total Quality Management. Our focus is on the following areas, which are integrated Group-wide:


Quality Management

Environmental Management

Occupational Health and Safety

Energy Management


Matrix certification

The Emsland Group has been fully certified in all of these areas. Another important aspect that creates trust and guarantees first-class quality of our products and services at all production sites of the corporate Group.