When it comes to finishing, the Emsland Group offers various starch derivatives for the finishing of textiles. The oxidized potato starches of the Emox® series and our Emdex® dextrins are finishing agents with various gripping options and a low viscosity.


The cold-water-soluble products from the Empre® and Emcol® series are equally as excellent for the finishing of textiles. The cold-water-soluble products have an average viscosity and provide various gripping options as finishing agents.


The starch ethers and starch esters of the Emsize® types are available in different viscosities. The Emsize® types are also finishing agents that offer different grip options and can also be used in combination with cross-linking agents.



Advantages of potato starch-based finishing agents

The Emsland Group products have the following advantages in the field of finishing agents:

  • easily biodegradable
  • PVA free
  • available in different viscosities
  • different gripping options
  • suitable in combination with cross-linking agents
  • high resistance to leachate
  • also available as a cold-water soluble upon request