The Emsland Group's product portfolio is increasingly focusing on high-quality derivatives for the textile industry. Here, too, the Emsland Group is committed to quality and staying ahead of the competition.


The Emsland Group's starch products are used, for example, as a sizing agent for mixed, synthetic and natural yarns. Starch products are used, for example, to reinforce clothing, fabrics or home textiles as a finising reinforcement. In addition, innovative products from the Emsland Group are used in the electronics industry for producing circuit boards as glass fiber sizing agents.


Through the selective use of our starch derivatives in the various stages of textile production, the properties of fabrics are significantly improved.


The most advanced starch derivatives can also contribute to reducing environmental pollution.




The various products of the Emsland Group are used in many applications in the field of textiles. The Emsland Group focuses on the following four areas: