The Federal Government and the European Union support and promote the use of renewable resources. Substituting fossil fuels with sustainable raw materials helps achieve ambitious climate goals.


The use of bioplastics has increased enormously in recent years. Plastics produced from renewable raw materials are defined as organic-based plastics. The Emsland Group offers product solutions in the field of bioplastics which are based on natural potato starch.


Starch and starch mixtures are particularly useful in the alternative packaging industry. Accounting for around 80 percent of the bioplastics market, thermoplastic starch currently represents the most important and widely used biogenic raw material. Depending on the area of application, the Emsland Group develops and produces starch mixtures individually for further use in the plastics processing industries.


The sustainable production and use of renewable resources such as potato and pea starch from regional agriculture can contribute to ensuring and firmly establishing security of supply, added value as well as employment in rural areas.