Starch is used in various Ceramic applications :


Green strength improver for ceramic materials

To improve the green strength (i.e. to retain the shape of the ceramic body in its wet shape). Small additions of for instance Emjel E70 (cold water soluble starch) to the ceramic material give significant green strength improvements.

In applications where the wet body is stored for significant periods of time, Emset KH6, is advised. Emset KH 6 has higher stability against microbiological degradation.

The starches mentioned can be mixed with the dry ceramic powders.


Tile glazing formulations

Curtain glazing formulations contain organic thickeners that create the rheology to build a stable and continuous curtain.

Modified potato starch is a cost effective alternative for CMC, creating a similar performance. Emsland products suitable for this application are Emfloc KA3 and Emsize CMS 60


Pore forming in sintered ceramic membranes and filters.

Starches are used as pore builder in sintered ceramic membranes filters. During the sintering process the starch is burned-out, creating small holes in the ceramic material. Emsland produces a wide range of calibrated starches, with different particle sizes.