Wet adhesive strips are often used in the industry when quick adhesion and optimal shutter strength for cardboard need to be attained. Starch ethers from potato starch have proved to be ideal for this. Cooking starch from the Emsland Group gives the wet adhesive strips fast and powerful adhesive strength, resulting in an extremely strong and secure adhesion to cardboard packaging of every type of quality. In addition, the Emsland Group product range is odorless, non-toxic and is completely resistant to aging, even when used.


Furthermore, using starch ethers makes them completely recyclable, which is not restricted by coatings or impregnation. The recycling costs are reduced and the environment is protected as a result. The traditional wet adhesive strips can only offer these environmental benefits when combined with starch from potatoes.



Advantages of potato-starch-based wet adhesive strips

The Emsland Group's product series has the following qualities in the manufacturing of wet adhesive strips:

  • warm- or hot-water-soluble products
  • easy to use
  • low peak viscosities when dissolved
  • excellent machine running properties
  • high film surface glaze
  • high degree of wet adhesive strength (Fipago)
  • combinations of Emsol® and Emox® products are possible
  • clear solution with high viscosity stability
  • different solution concentrations are possible


The Emsland Group's Emsol® and Emox® wet adhesive strip series offers you an extensive range for optimal adhesion.