In the production process for wallpaper paste, the Emsland Group has developed an extensive range of products based on potato starch, which is qualitatively perfectly tailored to user requirements. Here, the paste from the Emsland Group is adapted to meet the different demands from around the world.


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Thanks to its particularly high adhesive strength, the wallpaper paste from our Emcol® series can be used for all kinds of wallpaper. These include vinyl, structural, non-woven and textured wallpaper. Furthermore, they can also be used for bonding fiberglass wallpaper.



Advantages of potato-starch-based wet adhesive strips

The Emsland Group's innovative products in the area of wallpaper paste feature the following benefits:

  • lower consumption
  • the adhesive can be removed quickly and completely
  • wallpaper can be moved easily on the wall
  • high yield
  • easy processing
  • excellent adhesive strength



The Emsland Group has also established itself on the market in the field of poster adhesives with its successful Emcol® product series. The poster adhesives are ideal for hanging up posters. It is important to be familiar with the different adhesive technologies for posters in different countries.


An important prerequisite for poster adhesives is that they have a long open time and the posters can be easily moved around. This property is perfectly integrated into our Emcol® series.