Native and modified starches precisely tailored to meet the customers' needs, high-quality derivatives and a certified quality management system guarantee that our customers receive optimal and consistently high product quality. The Emsland Group has been able to produce innovative starches and starch derivatives for various applications in the adhesives industry through large investments, extensive research and technical expertise.


Our research group constantly develops new starch products to meet the market's ever-changing demands.



Proximity to customers as the key to success

The Emsland Group offers a wide range of products with the best possible solutions thanks to its close, focused and individualized partnerships.


Seeing our customers as partners is therefore an important component of our corporate philosophy, along with managing the market's high demands in order to achieve profits for all stakeholders involved. For this purpose, the Emsland Group makes every effort possible to provide its partners with top-notch support in qualitative, technical and economic terms.



Proven quality that pays

The Emsland Group is founded on comprehensive quality management. The concept of quality is the highest priority throughout the entire supply chain. This is constantly checked by our application technologists at our onsite laboratory. The Emsland Group is fully certified in order to meet the high-quality requirements of our customers.


All certificates can be downloaded from the Quality Management segment.



Emsland Innovation Germany

The Emsland Group also makes a clear statement in favor of development work with its Emsland Innovation Germany, a highly modern innovation center. The Emsland Innovation Germany research and development center is the linchpin for innovative development throughout the entire Group and is also a focal point for the many national and international contacts.