Our specialized starches are used in various industrial branches. For example, to solidify or stabilize the final products or ensure faster machine performances. Often, however, the focus is also on the end user in the application. For textiles, for example, it is the wear properties, for construction additives it is the ease of use and the corresponding result and, in the fields of paper and glue, it is their application.


Our product solutions not only support the production process, but also help to protect the environment. Economical and ecological involvement is therefore essential not only for our product policy, but it is also relevant for our everyday work.


Unseen, but indispensable

Our starches and starch derivatives based on potatoes and peas are used, among other applications, in paper bag adhesives, dry mortars, cardboard sleeve adhesives, flaking adjuvants, wet adhesive strips, wallpaper adhesive, textile sizing, mineral fiber boards, pellet binders, glass fiber sizing, print thickeners, concrete and bioplastics.


Individual and innovative

The Emsland Group uses its individual and creative range of products, expertise and customer-oriented service to act on global trends and decisively influence them in on-site research facilities, such as the new Emsland Innovation Germany.


We not only meet the needs of our customers, we also keep our eye on the developments at the point of sale. The geographical proximity to regional markets enables the Emsland Group to identify global trends and to act accordingly.


Product sectors

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