Particularly for wholesale consumers, products can be manufactured in large packages. These product developments are geared to the specific applications and requirements in commercial kitchens. Customers benefit from the experience and the expertise of the Emsland Group in this sector through our long-standing contact to the wholesalers, kitchen managers and chefs. This allows the various requirements, such as stability, cold swelling properties and the many other requests to be taken into account during product development. Providing individual solutions to meet the customer needs also applies here.


In addition to potato flakes, potato granules and potato starches are also produced in the Group and processed for individual applications. Due to the high quality of raw materials and careful processing, additives and additional ingredients can be mostly eliminated. Accordingly, the list of identifiable allergens and additives is short, so the products are often used in public catering events.


Special solutions for technical applications are also part of the product range. Therefore, products can be developed and packaged according to individual requirements in system-compatible formats for restaurant chains.


A diverse range of product ideas based on a variety of raw materials, special mixing processes and individual packaging technology can be implemented Versatile packaging formats are available. Products can be packaged under inert gas from 500 grams to 10 kilograms. This way products keep their natural flavor during a longer shelf life. Formats up to 25 kg in paper bags with liners are also available without inert gas.