sortiment kartoffelland

Mashed potatoes are the main product being marketed under private labels. Customers can find them on the shelves of retailers throughout Europe. Freshly produced and packaged in a controlled atmosphere, they have a long shelf life without the use of additional preservatives and taste almost like homemade.


The latest manufacturing plants also facilitate the production of a variety of mixed products, with freeze-dried vegetables, to milk powder and all the way to fine spices. This results in products like puree with milk, snacks to put in your cup or the finest gourmet products. However, even dumplings in different shapes and flavors are part of the product range, whether they are found in practical cooking bags or come as a mixture for making your own potato dough.


The product ideas, based on high-quality raw materials, special mixing processes and individual packaging technology, are virtually unlimited. In addition to the variety of products, the customer can choose between diverse packaging forms, ranging from portions in stand-up pouches up to 1000 grams in folding pouches, which are available in various processing depths.