suppen saucen

Soups range from liquids to thinly pureed dishes made from various ingredients that can be served both as a main course or as an appetizer. A distinction is generally made between clear and thickened soups. A seasoning liquid to a creamy thick addition to hot and cold dishes is called a sauce. Countless recipe variations can be made based upon various base sauces. Today, soups and sauces are made with various processes and brought to market in different forms. The requirements for the ingredients are likewise variable. This wide range is covered by products from the Emsland Group.

Thus, a wide spectrum of texture properties can be individually set in soups and sauces. Not only are thickening properties achieved, but it’s also possible to set very creamy, smooth or pulpy textures, for example. The Emsland Group offers you innovative product solutions for various applications in soups and sauces with the right starches, fibers, flakes, and granules.

In the process, trends such as Clean Label serve as guidelines for our innovation department. For example, with our Empure® range, there are already many Clean Label solutions for the following applications.


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Liquid soups and sauces

Liquid soups and sauces are products that are freshly prepared and packaged in different ways. Various procedures can be used to make the soups and sauces non-perishable. Depending on the chosen method, the starches used are subjected to different challenges. Therefore, aside from heat stability, a product used in the UHT process, for example, must have a long shelf life and high functionality. Our Emden® and Emflo® potato starches are the right choice here.


Soup and sauce preserves

What’s meant by preserves here are full preserves that play a special role among liquid soups and sauces. As a consequence thereof, it results in a particular challenge for the starches used. Our starches aim to achieve the necessary viscosity during filling in preserves, regulate heat-transfer during preservation, and improve stability during storage. Our Emes®, Emflo® and Emden® starches are particularly suitable here.


Instant soups and sauces

A good dispersion process is required for dry mixes. In addition to the functional Emflo® starches, the Emsland Group also offers Clean Label solutions. An Empure® starch developed especially for such applications can be directly stirred into boiling water without clumping. Various Emjel® starches are available for instant cold soups and sauces.


Emulsified soups and sauces

Salad dressings, mayonnaise, or even dairy sauces are examples of emulsion-based products. These products require acid, shear, and storage stable starches to achieve a creamy consistency and good hydration. The Emsland Group offers product solutions for both hot and cold processes. The use of our emulsifying starches also offers the possibility of replacing or reducing other emulsifiers.


Soups and sauces for catering systems

Soups and sauces are occasionally held for a very long time at temperature in the catering industry. In addition to thickening and texturizing properties, this also requires excellent heat stability. Our Emflo® and Empure® starches meet these requirements exactly.