Produkte HP

Plant-based proteins play an ever more important role in our daily nutrition. Pea proteins are increasing in significance, since the demand for non-GMO and non-allergen products has continued to grow worldwide.


Pea protein ingredients provides important nutritional and functional benefits as well as easy handling and excellent characteristics:

• plant-based protein

• neutral taste

• high content of complex amino acids, glutamic acids, lysine and arginine

• high protein content

• no sugar

• gluten-free

• non-allergen

• non-GMO


Pea protein ingredients can be used in a wide variety of applications. For example it can be added to the following:

• nutrition

• soups & sauces

• dairy and dairy substitutes

• diet products, nutritional supplements

• meat substitutes / processed meats


Pea protein isolate solution provider


Providing solutions for trends like non-GMO, non-allergen as well as clean label, Emsland Group offers innovative ingredients in form of its new pea protein isolates Empro® E 86 / Empro® E 86 HV.