Confectionery products are products that mainly consist of sugar or similar sweeteners. There is often a distinction made between sweet baked goods and sugar confectionery products.


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The Emsland Group offers numerous product solutions that optimize texture and appearance as well as clarity and elasticity. Whether as a stabilizer, emulsifier, gelling or thickening agents, with different starches and proteins, the Emsland group has an individual solution available. The excellent gelling properties of our pea starch is particularly notable; due to its high amylose content, it enables the substitution of gum arabic and gelatin and offers the Emsland Group cost-effective alternatives for vegan products. Based on natural raw materials, our modifications of potato and pea starch are also applicable for the vegan market.


Gum and jelly products

Gelatin is traditionally used for the production of gum and jelly products, but it can also be used in combination with other stabilizers and gelling agents. The texture may vary from soft and short to hard elastic in these products. The product characteristics are thereby influenced by the choice and amount of raw materials used. The Emsland Group offers various modified starches for use in gum & jelly products that show excellent gelling, texturing, and stabilizing properties in wine gums, fruit jellies, licorice and extruded confectionery and that achieve the desired texture, such as elasticity.


Hard candy

Hard candy includes hard sweets, lollipops, or caramels. Caramel is a beige to dark brown confection made from variations of caramelized sugar, is also prepared in combination with flavors, and is found, for example in fillings, sweets, and dessert applications. Hard candies can also be prepared from a combination of sugar and gelling agents. Emsland Group’s modified starches contribute to improved processing and shelf-life.


Aerated confections

These confections are whipped or aerated confections with a high sugar component, glucose syrup, and whipping, foaming and/or stabilizing agents as well as flavor. Gelatin is often used by default as whipping/stabilizing agents. Starches are very suitable as partly gelatin replacement in this segment. Starches are taking over the gelling and texturing characteristics of gelatin. Because of a different melting profile between gelatin and starch, partly gelatin-replacement will result in aerated products with a longer and better shelf-life (required in tropical conditions). Starches are not able to create foam, therefore a protein is needed. This protein can be a reduced amount of gelatin or another foam creating protein (preferable plant based due tot he vegan issue) . The final goal is to develop products and formulations for vegan aerated products.



Sweet fillings can contain a wide variety of raw materials as well as gelling agents and stabilizers such as pectin, gelatin, starches, alginates, xanthan gum or guar gum. The Emsland Group keeps modified starches as well as Clean Label starches ready that also have excellent functionality and thickening properties during storage for both cold production as well as for cooking processes.


Modified confectionery products

The Emsland Group offers an attractive alternative to gum arabic in the field of sugar-coated confectionery products. Our modified starches provide excellent properties in terms of adhesion and film formation, thereby preventing unwanted moisture migration into the ticking.


Chewy candy

Chewables are also based on sugar and glucose-sirup. Besides these ingredients gelatin and fat are used, both to improve the texture and mouthfeel of the chewable. The main difference in relation to the moulded confectionery products (as mentioned before) is the way of processing. Chewables are characterized by a typical pulling stage during production. During pulling air is incorporated, the clear sugar solution will turn turbid or opaque together with a short bite. Emsland Group is able to provide producers of chews with a wide range of starches. With these starches and the long-term experience in this area makes it is even possible to produce fat-free and gelatin free chewables.