Batter/breading (coatings) is an outer layer applied to various foods such as meat, fish, potato products, vegetables, nuts, and different sweets. In all product groups, we speak of so-called bread-crumb coatings, which in turn are differentiated from wet breading, dry breading, batters, toppings, and coatings. They are generally used to make a product more palatable, improve its chewability, or enhance its durability.


The functionalities of coatings include increased crispness, a neater appearance, and an improved structure, and thus a higher dimensional stability. In addition, the use of coatings achieves reduced fat absorption and increased heat retention.


With a variety of products in the field of coatings, the Emsland Group offers solutions in different application areas. These include glazes for baked goods and confectionery as well as batters for potato, vegetable, meat and fish products. A variety of solutions are also offered for snacks such as coated nuts, depending on the requirements.


The Emsland Group also provides interesting trend alternatives in the Clean Label range, with the variants Empure® B and Empure® ES 100.


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The Emsland Group batter mixes improve the quality and extend the shelf life of your food products. Whether "American style", "Japanese style", fish sticks or schnitzel, the products promise optimum support for the different forms and unit sizes. In addition, they provide constant moisture regulation. With the use of different starches, the Emsland Group also offers products that reduce product waste due to better adhesion of the crumbs on the surface and less breakage. A reduced fat intake and increased heat retention are also achieved.


Clear coatings

Clear coatings are used for potato products such as French fries. This coating type has the advantage that it reduces fat absorption during frying and increases oven stability. A significant advantage of coated French fries is the longer heat retention in fast food restaurants. The coating increases the shelf life under a heating lamp by 10–20 minutes while preventing the texture from changing, significantly contributing to higher product yield through reduced product waste.


The Emsland Group clear coatings are also gluten-free.


Seasoned coatings

Seasoned coatings combine the functional properties of a coating with a variety of flavors. Product compositions are made for longer taste preservation, controlled flavor release, improved culinary balance, and greater visual appeal. Modern consumers expect great taste in food. Seasoning systems allow producers of food products to meet and optimize the very different regional requirements.


In keeping with the trend, we have developed many seasoned coatings and offer custom blends depending on regional preferences.



With the Emsland Group tempura batter products, very crispy to soft crunchy shells can be achieved. They can be used in egg- and gluten-free recipes. They also offer the advantage of increased thermal stability and minimized oil absorption in the final product.