Baked goods are foods that are baked with grains and/or cereal products. A distinction is made between bread, small baked goods (e.g. rolls, pretzels), pastries (e.g. croissants, puff pastry), and dry baked goods (e.g. gingerbread). In addition, various fillings (cream filling, fruit filling) and glazes are used for baked goods.


The Emsland Group has a diversified portfolio in order to optimize the product characteristics of our customer's applications and to meet the individual needs. Depending the application, with the help of our specialty starches, proteins, and fibers, parameters such as viscosity, crumb, crispness, mouthfeel, flavor, freeze stability, and shelf-life can be positively influenced.


During the manufacturing process, our products can regulate the process flows, thereby enabling simpler, standardized production.


The Emsland Group also has innovative solutions available for trends such as Clean Label and gluten-free baked goods.


With the help of the Innovation Center 'Emsland Innovation Germany'  built in 2014, experiments can now be carried out in-house at Emsland Group. Various devices are available, such as mixers and ovens, a proofer, and sheeters.


Our experts are also happy to share their knowledge with you on-site to make improvements under production conditions.


Through this, it’s also possible to individually offer you customized solutions that meet your requirements.


Watch our Solutions for Bakery Products.


Bread and rolls

For bread and rolls, the Emsland Group has a variety of alternatives available in order to optimize the final product. In addition to our Emflake® potato flakes and Emgranule® potato granules, non-allergenic and GMO-free fibers can also be used. These keep packaged bread fresh longer and, in addition to improved dough consistency, also improve the porosity, color, texture, and taste. This allows an optimization of the manufacturing process to be achieved.


Cake, muffin, brownie, and waffle mixes

For products such as waffles, muffins, and cakes, softer crumbs are preferred. The pore structure varies from fine (pound cake) to coarse (waffles) depending on the type of baked good.


In these areas, cold swelling Emjel® starch is used to control the dough’s viscosity and airiness. As a result, more moisture is bound, leading to a better mouthfeel and a longer shelf life. As a Clean Label alternative, Emflake® potato flakes can also be used, for example. Pea starches can be used to increase the baking volume.


Adding fiber to baked goods such as muffins, increases the dough’s viscosity and improves the cell structure of the final products. With our Emfix® products, you can replace the otherwise commonly used egg yolk and thereby offer your customers vegan pastry alternatives.