Potatoes and peas are natural raw materials with healthy properties that are processed into innovative products at the Emsland Group, where they become tailor-made, developed products for our customers in our own innovation center, Emsland Innovation Germany. Emsland Innovation Germany has practical technologies in a variety of applications for testing products with the highest standards of quality. This enables customers to be able to directly implement them in their own production.


Everyday products

Our starches and starch derivatives, vegetable potato and pea proteins and fibres as well as potato flakes and granules are used in Confectionery, Dairy, Potato products, Pasta and noodles, Soups and sauces, Snacks, Coatings, Bakery products, Meat, Poultry, Fish & Seafood.

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Natural raw materials

Emsland Group uses potatoes and peas to create the following products:



Individual and innovative

Emsland Group offers innovative product solutions for trends such as clean label, gluten-free, fibre- and protein enriched foods, sustainability, palm-oil-free, acrylamide reduction, as well as vegan, GMO-free raw materials as well as kosher and halal products.


Product Sectors

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