In addition to our established potato and pea starches for pet food, the Emsland Group also offers newly developed fibers and protein from sustainable potato and pea crops.


Finished products containing this fiber stimulate the growth of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract, promoting good gastrointestinal function and food intake.


A growing trend in many segments of the pet food industry is the use of high-quality protein with a lower proportion of carbohydrates.


With Emsland Group products, you can ensure the best possible taste, digestibility, texture and quality in your pet food. Due to the low fat content of potato starch, potato protein and potato fiber, you can also allow for and support health considerations in your finished products.



Dog food joins the gluten-free trend

In the pet food industry in particular, allergies are one of the most important reasons for switching to wheat-free food. An unhealthy looking coat is often the first indication of this in an animal, with hair loss in a wide range of places. Since finished products often contain wheat and gluten, the trend towards gluten-free food is growing steadily. Wheat and gluten-free pet food makes animals happier and healthier – a fact that should be key when choosing food.