The Emsland Group is one of the leading companies in creating innovative product solutions based on renewable raw materials, mainly from potatoes. The Emsland Group's products are indispensable in many industrial branches.

Through the innovations from the Emsland Group, consistency, texture, spatter behavior and density for a variety of products can be improved in a natural way. In addition to the food processing industry, our customers are also involved in technical applications in the adhesive, textile, paper and construction additives industries. Through our 'Mecklenburger Küche' products, we are also moving into the European food retail market. Furthermore, sustainable solutions for pet food are also developed at Emsland.

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Food Innovation

Whether as thickeners, binders, texturizers or stabilizing agents, the Emsland Group products are used in a wide range of foods.


Retail and Food Service

The food from Mecklenburger Küche or the "Mecklenburg kitchen" that lands on your plate is not only delicious, but can also be prepared quickly and easily.



Our product solutions not only support the production process, but also help to protect the environment.


Animal Food & Feed

Whether in the area of pets or livestock, the Emsland Group develops high-quality and sustainable products for our customers in the field of animal nutrition.