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Third Latin American Meeting 2022 2

Emsland Group celebrated its 15-year collaboration with the Emsland Latin America team at the 3rd Latin American Meeting 2022, which took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The anniversary would have already taken place in 2020, but was postponed to 2022 due to Corona.


Christian Kemper (CSO), Dimitrios Mousios (Sales Director) and Florenz Rosen (Area Sales Manager) were present on behalf of Emsland-Stärke GmbH. Furthermore, agencies, partners and customers from the region (Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, Mexico) were also present in Buenos Aires.


There were many exciting topics to discuss during the three days’ meeting. In addition to an overview of the history of the cooperation, there was also a review of the current fiscal year as well as an outlook into the coming fiscal year. During the presentations, challenges regarding the freight situation and other examples of current cost drivers, especially in the area of raw materials and energy, were analyzed. Examples of good managing practice — i.e. what worked well despite the challenges — included managing and communicating the increased freight rates between Customer Service and Logistics. By working in partnership, deliveries were secured, despite the cost increases.


Another important topic was the current situation on the raw materials market. In addition to the current challenges, Mr. Kemper emphasized the security of supply from contract farming, which is guaranteed by the Emsland Group. However, it was also made clear here that cultivation has to contend with considerable additional costs. Ultimately, the customer must bear these costs. Nevertheless, the availability of raw material was considered a central point of the meeting, also for the attending partners from the region.


Additionally, the new WaltrAut machinery (roller drying plant with autoclave) was presented and mutual agreements were reached to hold further concrete talks on this topic during the Emsland Group Symposium in mid-June 2022.


The agencies who had attendants at the meeting also provided reviews and outlooks on the current situation in their local countries. For example, the team from Brazil described the market changes for local production of native potato starch and potato flakes. Opportunities in the region were identified, including the substitution of corn starches and the use of Emfibre® in the meat industry.


The three-day’s event resulted in a constructive exchange of different market situations and a positive outlook for further cooperation between all participants. Emsland Group participants thank Emsland Latin America S.R.L. for the invitation and the great organization.