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Emsland-Service GmbH celebrated four apprentices who have completed their training and will now begin as employees in the fields of industrial mechanics, electronics and mechatronics.


In the graduation ceremony, which was small-scale due to corona precautions, the new Emsland-Service employees Alex Karpinski (Industrial Mechanic), Thomas van der Endt (Industrial Mechanic), Henk Luttermann (Electronics Technician) and Alexander Voet (Mechatronics Technician) were joined by trainer Herbert Ekelhoff, workshop managers Nikolai Matten and Daniel van Uelsen, chairman of the works council Stephan Agnes and the managing director of Emsland-Service GmbH Dr. Martin Grüne. Training manager Uwe Plass was unfortunately absent due to illness.


In his welcome speech, Dr. Grüne talked about the custom of the “send-off speech” and that, in this case, it was great not to have to say goodbye to the trainees, but instead to celebrate them staying in the company. This graduation represents the first stones laid in the foundation of their time at the Emsland Group, and it is now up to the former apprentices to continue building their future at the company.


The Emsland-Service trainers were particularly proud of their new colleagues. In addition to their constant helpfulness, reliability and commitment, the apprentices were also always ready for an unscheduled shift and even took part in a video competition, organized by the Osnabrück Chamber of Industry and Commerce, for which they were awarded third place. They were also praised for their commitment to assembly work at other Emsland Group locations, including Wittingen and Kyritz.


In addition to their professional commitment, the four colleagues also achieved above-average results with their final grades. In industrial mechanics, for example, they were ranked first and third in the county. The electronics technicians, ranked third, and mechatronics technicians, ranked sixth, also ended up with a high grade of 2 on their final papers.


All those who were present at the ceremony agreed, with these new additions to the team, Emsland-Service GmbH has gained highly valued and skilled workers. Emsland-Service is proud of these new colleagues and looks forward to continuing to work together.