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NHB IIFollowing the publication of the first sustainability report at the end of 2019, we have decided to demonstrate even greater transparency and shorten the reporting cycle to two years due to the lively interest of our stakeholders, so that we will publish our second report one year earlier than planned. We are also preparing for the future legal transparency requirements on sustainability with regular reporting.


With our second sustainability report "Using Nature to Create", we give our customers, suppliers, employees, but also the population in the vicinity of our production sites and cultivation areas insight into the further development of our sustainability approach.


Once again, in joint cooperation with the companies FutureCamp Climate GmbH and Fährmann Unternehmensberatung from Munich, as well as the internal departments of Marketing, Energy and Environmental Management, we demonstrated our diverse sustainability activities. The focus of this report is on innovation & products, raw materials, the environment, society, employees and the entire value chain. The additional indicators in the second report are also based on the GRI standards.

The report highlights both our successes and challenges with this important issue. Given that our future viability, as well as that of our raw material producers, depends to a large extent on our consistently pursuing a course of sustainability.

Our second sustainability report can be viewed on our homepage:


Our sustainability report is due to be published furthermore in future at regular intervals.