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Azubi TageThe Emsland Group kicked off its multi-day apprentice get-together, which teams up all first-year apprentices from all of the Emlsand Group locations in Germany.


The meeting took place from October 27 to 29 at the Emlichheim plant and offered the new colleagues an exciting program over 3 days, beginning with a getting to know each other session.


The purpose was not only for the apprentices to become more familiar with one another, but also to learn more about Emsland Group products and the main headquarters in Emlichheim. During the sessions, the apprentices had valuable exchanges that will aid them going forward into their next two to three years of their apprenticeships.


The agenda included technical presentations, a company tour, introductory games, food and fun events such as bowling and laser tag.

This year, a total of 30 apprentices and 11 trainers took part in the event. For the safety of all those involved, all participants were required to take a COVID-19 test in advance.


We would like to wish everyone a great start with the Emsland Group!