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Stipendiat 21 1The Emsland Group knows the importance of fostering young talented people in their educational and professional journeys. That is why we are proud to take part in programs like the Emsland Talents Scholoarship, which is designed to support students financially and help them establish connections and practical experience at local companies.


Bennet, currently working on his Business Information Systems Bachelor Degree, was one of 23 recipients of the scholarship. Criteria for the award is determined based on educational achievements as well as volunteer and extra-curricular activities. As our scholarship recipient, not only does Bennet receive financial support from the Emsland Group until the end of his degree, he is also offered an internship to gain practical experience in his field, as well as the opportunity to write his bachelor thesis at our company headquarters in Emlichheim.


Emsland Group’s Sebastian Olbricht (IT Manager) and Britta Wessling (HR Manager) awarded the scholarship to Bennet Janzen at the reception held by the Emsland Business Association on August 3, 2021. For more information about the scholarship program and organization, visit:


Stipendiat 21 2