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Besuch GrüneThe Emsland Group was pleased to receive a visit at the political level at the beginning of August. Guests were Viola von Cramon as a member of the European Parliament of the GREENS as well as Everhard Hüseman, Bundestag candidate GREENS Mittelems, Erich Gülzow - speaker of the GREENS in the local association Emlichheim and district council candidate as well as Christiane Hartmann, GREENS district council candidate. During their visit, the delegates learned about the company's future prospects and its importance for the regional and international economy.

Together with the Managing Directors of the Emsland Group, Mr. Christian Kemper and Stefan Hannemann, the guests gained a comprehensive view of the Emsland Group.

The first stop was 'Emsland Innovation Germany', one of the heart of the Emsland Group in terms of research and development. During the tour through the Innovation Center, the visitors were given an inside look into the comprehensive areas of application of the products of the Emsland Group. Furthermore, there were explanations of how the development work was progressing.

In the subsequent round of discussions, the participants discussed a wide variety of topics. This involved, for example, the economic impact of the Corona crisis, which the Emsland Group was able to partially cushion through various interactions - an increase in consumption of snack products vs. a slump in the French fries industry. The decline in demand during the lockdown had a noticeably negative impact on price development in the market, for example in the food service industry and also in the textile industry. Furthermore, some of the current investments such as the WaltrAut (roller drying plant with autoclave), which is about to be commissioned, were presented, also with regard to energy and environmental aspects. In the future, the plant will produce products for construction additives on the basis of renewable raw materials.

Finally, the topic of energy supply played a major part in the dialogue, as there is a great deal of interest on both sides in this topic. At the Emsland Group, energy costs represent a significant cost block in production. The great challenge of the future to produce CO2 neutral will be the storage of renewable energies.

The Emlichheim plant is already CO2 neutral in its steam supply. However, the primary goal is always not to consume energy in the first place, but to use technologies that produce more efficiently.

Together, they agreed on which factors can be influenced with regard to CO2 emitters:
Minimization of transport routes, generation of sustainable steam, increased steam production, optimization of plants, purchase or production of green electricity and the use of heat recovery systems. The conservation of resources is a fundamental part of the Emsland Group's corporate goals.

At the end of the constructive discussion, all participants agreed that climate protection, and thus the conservation of resources, will be a fundamental task for everyone in the coming decades, and that economic activity does not exclude this.

The Emsland Group would like to thank you for your visit!