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Azubis 21The Emsland Group is beginning the new training year with 21 new apprentices. Christian Kemper, CSO of the Emsland Group, welcomed the new talent and mentioned that it has been several years since we had so many young people join our Emlichheim location.


For the new colleagues, this day marks the beginning of a new phase in their lives, but that need not be a reason to be nervous, said Mr. Kemper. He also spoke on behalf of the management when he wished the new apprentices a good start in their exciting journeys and expressed confidence in them and their abilities — after all, everyone has to start somewhere.


After a brief round of introductions by the trainees and their supervisors, the new colleagues gained a first glance into the company through the image film. They then received their training folders and a general safety briefing (COVID tests were completed in advance). Following this, the participants moved on to their individual departments to begin their new journeys.


We are pleased to have many roles filled by this year’s apprentices, including the following: Chemical Laboratory Specialist, Warehouse Logistics Specialist, IT Specialist, Chemical Technician, Mechatronics Technician, Industrial Salesperson, and Energy Electronics Technician.


We wish all the apprentices a great start at the Emsland Group!