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Plakette DIGITAL 2020 300dpi

A stay abroad during an apprenticeship is always something special and is not available to every apprentice. Our plant in Kyritz has received recognition from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for its participation in such a foreign program for apprentices and may from now on put on display a plaque proclaiming: “Internships abroad – we make it possible”.


Apprentice Laura Thiem from Neustadt was given the opportunity to spend four weeks abroad in Sweden last fall. The prospective chemical laboratory technician was able to gain her first international experience in a company there. Her stay abroad was supported by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, which helped, for example, with organizational issues and questions.


Since there is a lack of young skilled workers, the decision was made to go ahead with this value-adding program as part of the apprenticeship. Industrial electricians are currently in demand, but other apprenticeships can also be filled.


For Gabriele Budnowski, an instructor, it is obvious – next year we will be back and focusing on the internship abroad. Plant Manager Martin Schmidt is also very impressed by the program: “The apprentices get to know other ways of working and living. I think this is a very good opportunity.”