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Vaccinations are still one of the most effective medical measures for preventing COVID-19. In addition to the annual flu vaccination, employees at the Emlichheim site can now receive the coronavirus vaccine as well. The Occupational Medical Center Northwest (AMZ) provides occupational health care for the Emsland Group.

According to an initial survey in early May, around 450 people from Emsland-Stärke GmbH, Emsland Food GmbH and Emsland-Service-GmbH reported that they were willing to be vaccinated at the Emlichheim site. Due to the small quantities of vaccine made available up to that time, initially 10% of the employees received appointments for their first vaccination at the AMZ. These 45 prioritized employees were primarily from the production area, starting with the oldest. The first vaccinations could then be administered in early June at the AMZ in Nordhorn.

After these initial vaccination appointments, planning for a vaccination day at the Emsland Group in Emlichheim was finalized together with the AMZ. For this purpose, the conditions at the site were examined and a “vaccination street” was set up for the day of the vaccination. The vaccination date was then set for June 21, 2021. Starting at 8:00 AM, 123 employees of the Emsland Group and around 40 employees from surrounding companies were vaccinated on the premises.


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“Because the vaccination priorities were lifted at the beginning of June, in the meantime many employees have been able to get a vaccination appointment elsewhere. Out of the 450 colleagues who were initially ready to be vaccinated, currently 175 remain in need of vaccination. We have already been able to vaccinate 168 of these employees. We will be able to offer the remaining 7 people individual vaccination appointments through the AMZ at the AMZ in Nordhorn,” says Mandy Deiters-Abilio, who coordinates and tracks the vaccinations for the Emsland Group.

In July and August, appointments for second vaccinations are scheduled at the AMZ in Nordhorn and also at the Emsland Group in Emlichheim.

This is an important step in effectively countering the spread of the pandemic and is a valuable service for our employees.


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