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Waltraut 21While the first production tests of WaltrAut are already being planned on the inside, the work on the external facade is also nearing completion. WaltrAut is already contributing to a changed skyline at the Emlichheim location — a big step towards the future and for the further establishment of state-of-the-art plant technology at the Emsland Group.


The start of the test production is already in sight thanks to the close cooperation of numerous departments within the company. In addition to the support of Emsland-Service GmbH, half of the technical office was permanently involved in the project during the last months. Much of the work involved was completed from within the company's own site and process organization.


Additional manpower came from the research & development, production and technical sales departments. A result of this cooperation is the new Emset® products for gypsum applications that are in the pipeline, with the first samples already having been sent to customers. Our Emset® products are functional starch ethers designed for use in both dry mortar construction and gypsum plaster applications (machine plasters).


Thanks to great teamwork, as well as extensive COVID precautionary measures, rapid progress towards the completion of the plant was possible. Additionally, everyone involved kept their eyes on the common goal and were able to overcome the many challenges that such a multi-million dollar project presents.


Although some remaining work on the highly automated plant will continue until the end of 2021, a successive expansion of the existing product portfolio will take place after the start of test production this summer.