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Bauschulung 4For years, the Emsland Group has relied on the concept of training and further education—and not just for young professionals. As it relates to its globally active agencies, ongoing training serves as an important component when it comes to business relationships.

Three agents who distribute the Emlichheim products in Russia, Romania and Italy have now been trained. This training focused on tile adhesive formulations and was divided into theoretical segments such as standards and regulations, measurement methods, and learning about the individual markets and their players.

In the practical portion, the participants applied various adhesives to get a feeling for what they were dealing with. The second practical portion took a strong look at all our possibilities in the laboratory, i.e. our instruments and measuring methods were laid out.

With a smaller group, a special advantage is that it allows much more personal support, which under these conditions can be very effective. This enabled the experts from the Emsland Group’s Construction Additives division to clearly respond to the individual participants’ questions and suggestions—and to carry out a highly targeted training course.

We thank the participants and wish them continued success in their respective markets.


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