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Fußball 4The Emsland Group organized an in-house soccer evening last week. With 21 participants from the company lab, administration, Emsland Service, and research and development, the colleagues were indeed keen to play.

Company tournaments and in-house soccer evenings have already been held in the past, but company soccer events have been few and far between lately. However, according to Jan Berg, who has taken the reins on organizing these get-togethers, this is set to change on account of the very positive response.

The recent tournament was held in the MoveInn soccer hall in Nordhorn, where four teams of five to six players competed against each other. A tournament format was applied, and the matches were held on two fields. The fairly played tilts reached a common conclusion in the form of some cold post-match drinks.

All players agreed to take part in this tournament format again soon. Furthermore, an in-house mini-field soccer tournament is slated to be organized in the summer.


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