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Sustainability ReportThe sustainability report “Using Nature to Create” is the first sustainability report brought out by the Emsland Group. With this report, we would like to offer our customers, suppliers, co-workers and the broader population living in and around our production locations and cultivation areas some key insight into how we handle our most important resource: nature.


Even though this is the first sustainability report to be published by us, the topic of environmental and social sustainability has long played a structured and integrated role within our business activity, and how we perceive ourselves in our actions. The underlying basis is a consistent yet cautious approach to the most important resource at our disposal – nature.


Together with the companies FutureCamp Climate GmbH and Fährmann Unternehmensberatung from Munich, as well as our internal Marketing, Energy and Environmental Management Departments, we have facilitated comprehensive insight into our sustainability practices for the first time. The report draws attention to the areas of raw materials, products, the environment, society, company employees, the Research and Development department and the entire value chain, while also providing key figures based on GRI standards. Our first sustainability report can be viewed on our homepage:


Our sustainability report is due to be published in future at regular intervals.