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Webinar 2020


On 16th December 2020 at 3PM London/10AM New York Emsland Group will held a live Webinar about the high amylopectin potatoes EMWAXY® product range.


With the introduction of EMWAXY® potato starch, the Emsland Group presents a waxy potato starch, which has an amylopectin content of more than 99%. EMWAXY® is high valuable with a lot of benefits in snack applications and offers a good start to create new innovative appealing products.

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Key Learning Objectives
• Formulation example in sheeted baked & fried snacks
• Features and Benefits of EMWAXY® in nut coatings
• EMWAXY® Results in snack pellet application
• Emsland Group as one stop shopping opportunity for snack ingredients


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