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Field PeaIn its publication ‘Plant-based Revolution’, the market research institute, Innova Market Insight, describes one of the main trends of the year 2020 in the food industry. Plant-based foods, for example, are recording double-digit growth rates worldwide, while at the same time consumer demand in this area is rising steadily.


The Emsland Group, working with Fuji Oil, is responding to this trend directly by processing vegetable pea fibers, among other things.


Fuji Oil is headquartered in Osaka, Japan, and mainly produces chocolate, oils and fats, soy protein, soy milk and other finished products. The partnership should facilitate the use of this highly functional soluble fiber in dairy and pastry goods, among others, helping customers manufacture acidified milk drinks and puff pastries, for example. In addition, further applications similar to the products of the Emsland Group are conceivable. The partners do not compete against one another in any of the products they sell.

During the production of soluble pea fibers at the Golßen plant, the experts of the Emsland Group exploit the functional flows during the pea processing to extract liquid fibers. This unveils functionality from streams which were in the past considered just as side streams. The result is a multifunctional, soluble pea fiber.

“In the planning phase we used dry ice to transport the wet fibers to our partner,” Daniel Berens, who was part of the group from the beginning. Some of the pilot tests were run at the external plant in Golßen. The international team from Japan and Germany, leaded by Akihiro Tagawa and Martin Jahn manufactured products that were intended for scalable trials at plant manufacturers.

As part of the project, the Emsland Group, working with Fuji Oil, will now go on to create a product with highly functional properties from what was once a simple dietary fiber.