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60 LandwirteOn November 12, the Emsland Group received a special visit at the main plant in Emlichheim: More than 60 farmers from the U.S. had come to see Germany’s largest potato starch producer. After all, one campaign sees almost two million tons potatoes processed throughout the Group — a quantity that is anything but peanuts, even by U.S. standards.

Having also come to visit Agritechnika, the world’s leading trade fair for agricultural machinery in Hanover, these American farmers were of course also interested in the work and structure that makes up the Emsland Group. CEO Gerrit-Jan Wesselink gave them an impression of this during his welcome speech and as part of the subsequent presentation about the Group. This was followed by a full-scale tour of the Emlichheim plant and a group meal in the in-house cafeteria.

Finally, the participants were accompanied on a farming operations tour by Emsland Group representatives.

It was an interesting visit that yielded lively discussions between the experts—discussions that, in looking at working with potatoes, revealed differences and similarities in equal measure.