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IMG 4734The main plant in Emlichheim played host to a two-day cross-plant conference for trainees between October 16 and 18. The aim was to bring trainees from all the plants together so they could get to know each other and exchange ideas.


Following some long journeys from plants such as Kyritz and Golßen, a dinner was held for all attendees at the moveINN hostel in Nordhorn. This set the stage for the first icebreakers to take place.


The following day kicked off with breakfast and a get-together at the main plant in Emlichheim. Mr. Jan Lambers-Heerspink welcomed the new employees. In his opening speech, he spoke of investing in training from both sides, explaining that both the Emsland Group and the trainees have invested time and energy in the training and thus also in the future. He wished them an enjoyable visit and encouraged them to put their training to good use. Participants were then asked to complete a questionnaire relating to their expectations for the visit.


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A group tour of the company allowed the new employees to gain a first impression of the main plant. After lunch, the newcomers were also given their first look at Emsland Innovation Germany, the Emsland Group’s innovation center.


Everyone had plenty of fun bowling or playing laser tag on the final day, and the participants had well and truly gotten to know each other by this point. The day ended with dinner at Pier 99 in Nordhorn before the attendees headed back to their respective plants the following day.


We wish all trainees a successful and educational time at the Emsland Group.


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