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IMG 4627With the departure of Berthold Reiners, also affectionately known as 'Locke', a company legend leaves the Emsland Group. In his 42 years with the company, Locke spent 30 years as Chairman of the Group and Works Council. He was passionate about the concerns of his employees, fought at the forefront to maintain subsidies in Berlin and Hannover, led many strikes with flags in hand, and always found an open ear for personal concerns.


At the last works meeting, which he has moderated for decades, he was given a standing ovation. His last day at the Emsland Group was September 19th, 2019, and many employees and companions stepped up to say goodbye to Locke over coffee. He also recounted many memories of his exciting time during the “grind”. When asked about his best experience, he gave the reintegration of Emsland Service as the answer. Berthold Reiners started here 42 years ago as a locksmith, and only escaped the spin-off of Emsland Service GmbH in 1999 due to his dismissal from the works council. Naturally, he was at the forefront of the strike against the spin-off. All the more beautiful, he said, was that reintegration occurred during his active time at the Emsland Group. He also accompanied well-known personalities through the plant on tours, for example, former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and Auxiliary Bishop Franz-Josef Bode.


We wish you, Berthold, a healthy and happy future. Stay exactly how you are. We thank you very much for your commitment and all you have done!


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