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Walzen Hagenow II

The construction of the new flake factory at the production site in Hagenow is now making quick, on-schedule progress. The last two of four drum dryers (Yankee Drums) have been installed in CW 21. The Emsland Group once again underlines its leading position in the potato flakes sector and thus also in the snack sector worldwide as a result.


As a full-range supplier of potato starch, modified and clean label starches as well as potato flakes and granulates, the Emsland Group has a unique position on the market, and the doubling of its capacity at the Hagenow site will now allow the Group to support its customers' steady growth even more sustainably and with greater planning security in the future.


“The four latest-generation drum dryers installed are state-of-the-art and feature improved thermal conductivity thanks to their sheet steel construction. The surface quality of the new drums (coated with stainless steel) is higher than that of conventional drums with no coating, which in turn helps improve product quality,” says Johannes Rathsack, Technical Manager at the Hagenow site. “These conditions result in the production of an additional 24,000 tons of flakes per year.”


Further modernization measures are running parallel on the company’s premises in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Mr. Christian Heinrich, plant manager in Hagenow, explains that the potato cutting line and the peeling area are already mechanically complete. The last cooker, blancher and cooler as well as various platforms will be installed in the next few weeks. Four new dryers and a central potato intake will be built at the site, significantly improving the workflow. The construction of six more silos is also scheduled as part of this.


The Group’s investment volume of around 25 million euros at the production site is not subsidized and is also expected to create many new jobs at the location. The investment will even help secure the location’s approximately 200 existing jobs, making it a genuinely forward-looking development.


Walzen Hagenow I