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Signatur Vitafoods EIn once again taking part in Vitafoods, the Emsland Group is demonstrating how much value it places on the topic of health-conscious nutrition. More than 1,200 exhibitors and 22,000 visitors from 110 countries are expected.


Protein-rich products are becoming ever more popular as health awareness increases. While protein from animal sources remains the mainstay, the demand for plant-based alternatives is rising. To meet this growing demand for a healthy protein source, peas, as a raw material, have been moving to the fore. Under its Empro® brand, the Emsland Group is offering a product line of pea-based proteins. With a protein content of at least 84%, the Empro® pea protein isolate distinguishes itself as an alternative to animal or dairy-based protein sources in numerous applications. This makes it possible to develop an attractive product range of vegan meat alternatives, convenience products, and sports nutrition options.


Apart from the protein-enrichment powders, extruded proteins are also seeing an uptick in popularity. With the development of Empro® Tex, the Emsland Group is responding to this trend.


In addition to the widespread protein powders and shakes using whey as protein sources, products containing alternative protein sources are being rolled out in greater numbers. For these innovative developments, Empro® E 86 HV offers the right properties thanks to the balanced amino acid profile and a high-viscosity formation.


All of the new developments from the Empro® range will be exhibited and extensively presented by our experts at this year’s Vitafood.


You can find us at Stand no. H200.