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Team Asia s

Asian markets continue to be among the fastest-growing in the world. For the Emsland Group, the region is also one of the strongest for sales and has major customers that have been buying quality products from Emsland for many years.

In the future, the aim is to expand our market presence and optimize our offer for both existing and potential customers alike. With this in mind, recent months have seen a lot of development in the Emsland Group’s activities in the Asian region.

In addition to Emsland Innovation Germany – the innovative heart that beats at the Emlichheim Central Location – the Bangkok-based Emsland Innovation Asia has been in business for several years. Here, application solutions are developed specifically for the Asian market. In addition to reinforcements in application technology sales, local customer service for the region has been newly added and trained in Germany. It will support regional customers from the Singapore location. Appointing new employees has allowed customers to get even better service; for example, inquiries can be handled in the same time zone. Furthermore, an office and finance manager will serve as an interface to the head office.

To optimize the cooperation between Singapore and Germany new way of working are being established at the Emlichheim Customer Service Centre. Incoming orders, logistics and the back office for potato and pea products will continue to be coordinated through the customer service in our head office. The application center in Bangkok is responsible for all tapioca applications.


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Comprehensive training courses are held regularly at the Emlichheim Central Location. During the training course in April 2019, for example, participants got an idea of the latest innovations and the new crew in Singapore was trained.

All in all, the Emsland Group is highly committed and motivated to serve the Asia/Pacific region and its local customers. With the new setup, the Group is closer to the market and will be able to have a stronger local presence to grow and build its position in the future.