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Food ingredients Europe is a must-participate trade fair for the Emsland Group. As with other years, this year’s trade fair can again be regarded as a complete success. The Emsland Group put up a confident and professional showing at its stand, which featured many innovative products over an expansive and open-plan exhibition space.


The many visitors were presented with current highlights from Emsland Innovation Germany, the research and development center of the Emsland Group. The marquee highlight was the new Emden ET 50, a modified starch for use in all kinds of confectionery. It can be used as an alternative to gelatin, a feature that is desirable especially these days. Also showcased at the fair were new pea protein-based crisps as well as pea protein isolates from our Empro® range. Here, the Emsland Group is offering product solutions with protein-enriched snacks, bars and shakes. The Emsland Group rounds off its existing Empure® range with the clean-label starch Empure® AKJEL 200. This potato booster is a new clean-label version designed especially for baked snacks.

All three products were also exhibited in the New Product Zone between Hall 8 and Hall 9 on the trade fair premises.


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Visitors could also sample crispy fried chicken nuggets which were prepared with breading made from gluten-free breadcrumbs, our Emfibre® EF 60 fiber, and our new Embat® LF batter mix.


The products showcased demonstrated that the Emsland Group was fully in line with the trend of this year’s Food ingredients Europe.


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We would like to thank everyone who visited our stand.


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