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The Emsland Group has now also gotten involved in a promotion run by the volunteer fire department in Emlichheim, in which fire buckets were placed at the doorstep of many houses to draw attention to the lack of volunteers.


To attract new members, the active firefighters in Emlichheim decided to stage a dramatic advertising campaign. The department ordered 2,800 red buckets and left them at the doors of local residents. The message: if the fire department doesn’t appear, you’d better be ready to put the fire out yourself. In this way, the firefighters were hoping to raise awareness of the current shortage of volunteers for the local fire department.

The idea is also to get employers in Emlichheim more involved. As an important partner, the volunteer fire department in Emlichheim is always there to help in emergencies. So the Emsland Group’s support for this promotion is a no-brainer.

The company group supports every employee who is joining the team of the volunteer fire department and as a sign of support, each of these employees receives a fuel voucher worth €100.00. Newly recruited fire department members are also allocated more accessible parking spaces on-site and can get to the fire station more quickly in an emergency.

We’re very happy with many ‘volunteers’!