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In the series “Wie geht das?” NDR (the North German Broadcasting Group) follows up on everyday matters of interest to find out how things work. As part of their reporting agenda, which pursues specific themes and offers interesting glimpses behind the scenes, the editors and camera team were recently also guests of the Emsland Group.


The theme: The versatility of the potato – from fries to paper


If you want to know about potatoes, there’s no way around the Emsland Group. As Germany’s largest producer of potato starch, processing ca. 1,800,000 potatoes annually, the group accounts by itself for much of the diversity of the uses of potatoes. The range of applications just of potato starch, even before you consider potato proteins and fibers, is huge. From food products to paper, adhesives, textiles, construction additives and filter technology, there’s scarcely a single industrial sector that doesn’t profit in some way from potato starch.


The time spent with the Emsland Group plus additional visits to paper makers, farmers and processors of ware potatoes in the north of Germany have resulted in a very interesting report on the potato and its specific fields of application and possibilities for use.


The result will be aired on August 30th, 2017 on NDR, from 6:15 - 6:45 p.m.


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