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On August 1st, 2017, Emsland Group welcomed all of its new trainees to its Emlichheim location. All 12 available training positions here were filled. In his welcoming talk, Udo Hinkelmann, Executive Director of the corporation, said that this is a very positive sign.


The young trainees will be starting at Emsland Group as industrial clerks, chemical laboratory technicians, and warehouse logistics technicians, among other roles. In his introductory speech, Norbert Albs, Human Resources Manager, again emphasized that these trainees had made the right decision in choosing Emsland Group as a training organization. Its combination of old values and innovative ideas makes this long-established company, which goes back almost 90 years, an exciting place to be. This is a great opportunity for the trainees to learn about complex connections and structures, as well as a chance to analyze processes. Such situations are beneficial to both sides.


Because it pertained to these young colleagues’ entry into the professional world, Mr. Albs brought up Emsland Group’s current project: “a great place to work.” It has been shown that new trainees always contribute new ideas to the organization, ideas that help drive projects such as this one.


To round out their studies, trainees will have the opportunity to visit all seven of the organization’s German locations. They will also be able to experience other training sectors. For example, an industrial clerk will have a chance to see what things are like in production, and the laboratory assistant will be able to drop in on in distribution. They will also further their training with English classes, an important training component in an international organization such as Emsland Group.


The new colleagues also received comprehensive safety training on their first day, and were given a tour of the operation. This was, for many of them, a first look at the many ways in which potatoes and peas can be used and processed. After a nourishing lunch in the canteen with the Chairman, Berthold Reiners, and the Youth and Trainee Representative, Lars Korte, trainees were introduced to the IMS. Trainers from each department then took the “newbies” to their respective training areas. And so an exciting first day drew to a close….


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