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On the evening of Thursday, July 27th, 2017, a successful barbecue gathering once again took place at the premises of Emsland-Stärke GmbH in Emlichheim. Management invited all the staff of Emsland-Stärke GmbH and Emsland Food GmbH in Emlichheim as well as the employees of Emsland Logistics GmbH & Co. KG to the event. At around 2 pm, the approximately 300 attendees gathered in a tent set up especially for the event. The barbecue was preceded by a general meeting, where Emsland Group management – headed by Mr. Udo Hinkelmann, Mr. Peter Höning and Mr. Gerrit-Jan Wesselink – took the opportunity to report on the group’s current situation.


Besides providing a review of the previous 2016/17 financial year, information on management decisions made in the past two years and an update on current raw material development, an overview of the corporate goals for 2017/18 was also given. Mr. Norbert Albs, Chief Human Resources Officer at the Emsland Group, made use of the positive outlook by getting employees tuned into the project “Emsland Group – A great place to work.”

The closing words by the Chair of the Works Council, Mr. Berthold Reiners, rang in the start of the evening barbecue.


Over great food and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere, all participants had the opportunity to discuss work as well as private matters. At around 10 pm, the pleasant evening drew to a close.

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