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Gluten Free

“Gluten-free” is rightly becoming the subject of increasing importance and receives worldwide attention. The number of consumers who adopt a gluten-free diet is constantly growing. On the one hand, a small group of people has to follow a gluten-free diet because of health reasons, for example due to celiac disease (CD) or non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS). On the other hand, an increasing number of people believe that a gluten-free diet is healthier.


Especially the application bakery is one of the top categories in relation to new product development with a gluten-free claim. The Emsland Group has already been concerned with this global trend for a longer time and can provide innovative product solutions for different applications, such as bakery or pasta. This allows you to create various gluten-free bakery and pasta products in respect of your customized requirements.



Innovative product solution for gluten-free bakery products


Emsland Group’s product portfolio includes a wide range of products which are suitable for the gluten-free bakery industry. In addition to the trends about gluten-free products, a lot of customers want to have freshly made products without spending much time for preparation. In order to follow this trend, we developed gluten-free mug cakes which can be prepared within a few minutes by using a microwave.


In this recipe we included our clean label products Empure® ES 100 and Empro® E 86 which increase the volume of the baked product. Both products can also be used in further gluten-free product solutions in order to enhance the structure of the crumb. The dietary fibre content of the baked goods can be increased with our pea and potato based Emfibre® range.

These products can also be used to support the healthy image of gluten-free products.


The following chart gives you an overview of our product solutions which can be used in the gluten-free bakery sector.


Gluten Free Bakery


Moreover, Emsland Group's product portfolio allows you to create a gluten-free pasta.


Different Emflake® and Emgranule® types and also our Emfibre® and Empro® products give you the opportunity to develop innovative product solutions.