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The Emsland Group will once again present its product highlights at this year’s “KlärschlammTage” of the DWA. We offer natural flocculants based on regionally-produced potato and pea starch.


In close cooperation with our customers we develop tailor-made product solutions in harmony with nature.


The Emsland Group used cationic potato starches in successful trials at the METHA plant in Hamburg Harbor and in numerous municipal wastewater treatment plants. In accordance with the new fertilizer regulations, these starch-based flocculants are demonstrably very biodegradable; they are also technically equal and ecologically far superior to synthetic polymers based on acrylamide.


Our modern research and development laboratories have already prepared our first products for the market: Emfloc® KC 750, Emfloc® KCG 750, and Emfloc® ECG 750. Additional products are in the testing phase, and are currently being thoroughly assessed and evaluated for their suitability so that a broader product portfolio of cationic and anionic flocculants will be available for environmental technology in the near future. Numerous tests have proven that in their pure state or mixed with synthetic polymers, our Emfloc® products can partly or completely substitute the polyacrylamide content in sewage.


True to our company philosophy of “using nature to create,” we use our natural raw materials to provide special product solutions in the field of environmental technology throughout the world.


We would be happy to meet you at this year’s “KlärschlammTage” from 20. – 22. June – you’ll find us at booth 38.