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Also this year, the Emsland Group invited both, girls and boys, to participate in the traditional "Girls’ Day". This year around 40 guests came to the headquarters in Emlichheim to gain an interesting insight in the professional life.


After a warm welcome and a brief company presentation in the new innovation centre of Emsland Group, the participants were divided into three groups in the respective departments of the laboratory, the metalworking shop and the electrical workshop. Here, the young guests were introduced to many practical examples of the daily production process and all the activities necessary for operation. This let the schoolchildren form their own picture of a few work steps, and also lend a hand.


As is tradition, a varied and exciting day ended with a meal in the new canteen located in the social building of the Emsland Group. The Emsland Group is proud to have staged yet another interesting "Girls’ Day", where girls and boys were able to gain targeted, hands-on experience of technical and technology-related occupations. In doing so, the Emsland Group strengthens an early interest in sound vocational training among young people by offering a way into a professional career and at the same time offering insight into an international, forward-looking company.


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