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As a global leader in dehydrated potatoes Emsland Group supporting the market growth for high quality potato flakes. That’s why Emsland Group is presenting its wide range for snack products also this year, beginning with the SNACKEX, taking place in Vienna, Austria. Since 2008 Emsland Group is attending this exhibition, which is known as the leading trade fair for snack ingredients in Europe. Emsland Group is presenting its new product developments at booth number #344. Amongst others, new products of our Empure®-range are going to impress the audience.


But also at the IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo in Las Vegas Emsland Group is presenting some innovative product solutions. At the show we will turn the spotlight on pea protein based Empro® E 86 and the new Empure® AKJEL 200 for baked snacks. The IFT is a very important trade show for sales market in North- and South America. Especially for this market developed products will be presented by Emsland Group at booth number #1782.



Further Clean Label products from the Empure® line of Emsland Group


The success story of Emsland Group’s Empure® Clean Label products continues with the new development of Empure® AKJEL 200 for use in baked snacks.


These snacks are very trendy since they are not fried like traditional potato snacks and therefore contain a much lower fat content.

Empure® AKJEL 200 offers the following advantages:


• Homogeneous controlled water retention

• Uniform and homogeneous dough formation and elasticity

• Controlled adhesive behavior

• Execellent shaping and cutting behavior

• Controlled expansion

• Crispy light texture

• Alternative to waxy maize-based products



Pea protein extrudate a healthy source of protein


Public consciousness for healthy eating is on the rise. As part of a healthy diet, foods rich in protein deliver nutrients essential to the human body and support the maintenance of vital functions. Plant-based proteins have long served as a good alternative to animal protein in protein-rich diets, with peas gaining ever more ground in this arena as a healthy source of protein. Not only can pea protein be used as a protein supplement in the form of an isolate, but it can also be used in the form of an extrudate.


In keeping with this trend, the Emsland Group will be offering a range of pea protein extrudates in the future featuring a variety of forms, sizes and protein contents. These innovative products can be added to breakfast food products, food bars and snacks.


Snackex                                     Ift

                    Booth Number #344                                                                                  Booth Number #1782

June 21-June 22, 2017 • Wien Messe, Vienna, Austria              June 26-June 28, 2017 • Sands Expo Center, Las Vegas, NV, USA